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Thursday, June 29, 2006

RGS pax joins Gay Pride March: 2006 White Party

Shared by: Doni Santos of Ang Ladlad

As expected, two jillion gay men and their fag hags came out of their houses and went to Malate to celebrate the bacchanal White Party, the biggest gay party of every year. Annually, gay men swarm the corner of Orosa and Nakpil like ten thousand locusts hungry for anything remotely edible. In 2006, Orosa Street was once again shut close to accommodate the stage and the lights and all the gay men looking for love, friends, and of course sex. :)

Ang Ladlad was there to call upon the ever-fickle gay crowd to support the political party. Ako mismo, namigay ng flyers sa Malate (at sa Government in Makati, during the after hours party). There were at least two hundred people who expressed support for Ang Ladlad that night, excluding thise who have been supporting us before the party.

I ran into Rustom Padilla (he was godawful beautiful), and he was very accommodating to the idea of supporting Ang Ladlad. I told him, "Tulungan mo kami, ha. Gagawin ka naming poster boy." He kid me, "Huwag ka mag-alala, isasama ko si Royette." He was actually smarter than i expected. We might have drinks one of these days.

Rustom is so cute! I always saw him as a druggie, as in mukha siyang nagtuturok. When I met him, his skin was perfect and had no pores, his awry hair looked immaculately styled to look effortlessly tussled. Haaay, I almost forgot I was already married. :)

My very drunk friend saw us, and came up to Rustom. He goes, "My god, we are so proud of what you did in Big Brother. Ang galing-galing mo, inilagay mo kami sa forfront ng mga issues." To punctuate his statements, he declares with fervent passion, "Bilib kami sa iyo, Robin."

(My Cosmopolitan shot out of my nose, and Rustom was giggling like mad.)



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